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  • 12 April 2024
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We have recently experienced a very high bounce rate all of a sudden with Verizon users. This appears to have been an issue in the past, but I wanted to double-check the best practice for resolving this. Currently we have stopped sending to anyone with a Verizon email. Which of the following would be best to get this resolved ASAP?

  1. Create a segment of engaged Verizon addresses (who have opened an email in the past month) and send to this segment separately alongside our regular lists. 
  2. Create a Very highly engaged, highly engaged and engaged Verizon segment and start sending to each after a week (eg. week 1 only the very highly engaged, week 2 add in the highly engaged etc)? 
  3. Wait and see if it is a Verizon issue and try sending to Verizon customers in a day or two? 

My other question was, if we separate the engaged Verizon users, do we just stop sending to the unengaged ones indefinitely or is there a way to bring them back in eventually? 


Thank you! 

(Aware there is a Klaviyo help document about this but it isn’t too clear.) 


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Hey @LOUISGEO! Yes, you’re correct in the overall approach but I’d suggest slowing down expanding the segment definition until your campaign bounce rate reliably stays below 0.6%. It’s much better to go slower rather than try to rush the repair. 


There have been a ton of questions about how to repair reputation with specific inbox providers and the advice is all the same! It’s great you’ve checked out the help docs but is there something specifically that’s still unclear?


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