Why are my emails bouncing?

  • 4 June 2022
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I’ve seen this question, but haven’t found a solution: 

I have a Klaviyo lead form that’s embedded on a client’s site. It’s a very simple form, but any time it’s filled out using a address, the auto-reply welcome email results in a soft bounce.

I’ve read everything I can find, but can’t come up with a reason this is happening.

I’m pretty much a beginner at Klaviyo, but if I register using any other email (I have way too many), it works great.

Anybody have a hint for me?



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4 replies

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Hi @jdannydavis,


Welcome to the Community! Sorry you’re experiencing these bounce issues, would love to help clarify what might be going on here!


A soft bounce is always caused by a temporary reason, such as when a recipient's inbox is full or when their email server is momentarily down. In most cases of soft bounces, the issue pertains to the client's inbox and their setup rather than your brand.


Can you confirm that the soft bounces are only coming only addresses and for all your subscribers or just some of them? Additionally, no worries about being a beginner at Klaviyo, we all were at one point! However, if you’re new to Klaviyo, is it also possible that your account is new and just started sending messages from your brand to inboxes? This could definitely have an impact on how inboxes see you at this point, i.e. inboxes are a little more trepidatious of new senders and want to protect their customers from possible spam. 


Finally, you said you’ve checked out most resources in our Community on this topic, however, if you haven’t found this one yet, I’d recommend checking it out as it also links to various other helpful threads!


Thanks for participating in our Community!


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Thank you Taylor! Yes, I have read the referenced question at the bottom of your reply. 

My answers to your previous questions:

-It appears to soft bounce all addresses, and I as far as I can tell, no others result in a bounce. Mailboxes are not full, those addresses work fine otherwise and are used daily.

-These are not results from extensive research, only my own emails & a few others in my circle.

-It is a fairly new, free account. I have another paid Klaviyo account, but I haven’t had this problem with that one.

-Have not done any campaigns at all with this account - so far, I’m only using it for the embedded form. So I don’t know what it would do when sending a campaign.

-What is bouncing is the welcome email in a flow I created for that purpose. There’s only one email, one notification, and one welcome SMS in the flow. The SMS and notification both work fine - only the welcome email gets soft bounced, and only from any address.

I re-created the flow from scratch, tried a flow that contained only the welcome email, everything I could think of. 

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Hi @jdannydavis


Thanks for sharing more!


If the emails aren’t full, then it’s most likely a decision from the inbox provider bouncing your emails. if you’re a new account, then you’re still developing your sending reputation and thus ensuring that inboxes can trust what you send to their recipients. If you’re interested ensuring that your emails will be make it to the inbox more regularly, I’d recommend checking out seeing up a dedicated sending domain.


Additionally, these topics will help you gain more insight on the topic!



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Hi! I integrated my newly created shopify (just for trial) to my klaviyo account. What would be the reason if when I’m trying to subscribe in sign-up forms but the email in forms were keep on bouncing? Thank you! Pleas help me. Hehe