A simple flow is not working

  • 17 March 2021
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Hello everyone,


I hope you are doing well.


I know my question is one of the most asked, but I tried everything I could to find a solution, without any success.


Here is my project: In addition to the confirmation email (sent by Shopify), I would like to send a specific email (containing a link to an ebook) to customers who purchase some specific products.


My flow: 

-When some places an order

-If he has : placed an order - at least once - over all time - where tag - contains ‘cat’

-If he has : placed an order - at least once - over all time - where tag - contains ‘coloring’

-Then he or she shall receive the specific email (containing the link to my ebook)

Please see picture for visual details.


The problem: When I place an order on my shop, I do receive the order confirmation email (sent from my Shopify) but not the ebook email and the flow seems not to work at all, since the condition splits have 0 waiting, 0 yes, 0 no.

I shall precise that I deactivated smart sending, so the issue is not due to the fact that I have been testing it several times with the same email address.

I have tried more than 10 settings, nothing seems to make it work, although it is a fairly simple flow.


(The email action displays several sent and skipped actions, these were of yesterday when I was doing some tests with different settings. It was not working well neither.)


Could you help me understand the issue and the solution, please?

Do you have any suggestion as to how to send a specific email, along with the order confirmation one, to customers who purchase some specific products?


I thank you in advance for your attention!


Best wishes


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4 replies

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I created a new flow to test (see picture).

However, when I order a product containing the tag ‘ebook’, nothing happens, the email is still ‘waiting’, I do not understand why.

There might be a link? 

Thank you for your help!



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Hi @bellalena ! Is it still in waiting, or did the message go out? 


The setup in your reply (using a trigger filter) is the one I’d recommend, and should work correctly. My guess is that sending was simply delayed; it can sometimes take a few minutes to go through. 


If the message still hasn’t sent, I’d recommend clicking on the message block in the flow, then clicking View All Analytics. In the Recipients tab of the analytics page, you can find skip reasons for those who were skipped; this should provide some insight into why the message didn’t send! 

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i created a flow to send a review request. For some reason, the flow skipped a customer who fulfilled an order. 

How do i retrofit the flow so I can submit review request to the customer?


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Hello @Hello_CP,

I would first recommend double checking the way your flow is set up as the customer would have been skipped from the email for a specific reason. The most common reasons why a contact would be skipped from a flow email would be due to either Smart Sending or not meeting the flow filter or trigger filter conditions. You can review the reasons to why your customers was skipped from a flow email by reviewing the email’s analytics. You can also see a list of what each skip reason means from the Understand the Skipped Reason for a Flow Message article. 

To resend an email a customer was skipped from, you can use Klaviyo’s Resend function. This function will allow you to resend either past sent emails or even skipped emails to these customers. You can access this feature either within the flow analytics or from the message history of the contact’s profile page. You can learn more about this feature and how to use it from the How to Resend Emails in Klaviyo article. Keep in mind that this feature will only resend the individual flow email to the contact and would not place a contact back into a flow if they have already been removed from a flow by being skipped. 

Hope this helps!