Activate the Flow with emails already registered

  • 6 June 2022
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Hello community.

I have inserted a Signup Form on my page, connected to a Flow for subsequent automatic email. It turns out that when trying to refill said form with an already registered email, the Flow does not send your email again.

How can I leave my Flow configured so that the email is always sent?


I attach my screenshot for advice





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Hey @Nicolas Aguilera 

Welcome back to the Community!

It looks like you have a list triggered flow set up for a welcome series. Any flow that is triggered by someone being added to a list or segment will only go through the flow once. Once they have exited the flow they will not be allowed to go through the flow again. This is the expected behavior of these flows. However, a metric triggered flow will allow your customers to go through multiple times. You will want to work with your developer or reach out to one of the Klaviyo Partners to create a custom metric that will allow you to send a profile through your flow multiple times. Here are some other community post that talk about creating a custom metric: 

I know this isn’t what you were hoping for, but your developer or one of our partners will be able to help you get this up and running in no time!