Adding email preferences into a welcome flow?

  • 23 June 2021
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I’m doing my welcome series flow and following the suggestions that the first email should be based around gathering information about our users email preferences and what they want to hear about.

I don’t exactly know the next steps in doing this. I have a popup ready on the website that will add them to the list and activate the flow. 

Is it a matter of creating different tags?

For example I’m trying to have options for 

Sales, blog posts, all emails, new releases as some of the sign up options. Under the different tags and properties I don’t know how to add these in a way I can use this data to send targeted emails and give subscribers what they want.

Any directions or help is greatly appreciated! Sorry if this has been asked I couldn’t find an answer. 


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Hello @Michael,

Great question!

Yes, this would be a matter of creating different tags to gather more information about your subscribers. This can be accomplished by either setting up these preferences options on the signup form itself or customizing your list’s preference page with your various options. I would recommend taking a look at the articles I’ve included below to further understand how to implement either one of these strategies to collect more information about your contacts. 

@julie.accardo also has a great write up surrounding this topic in a similar Community post below:

I would also advise formulating a strategy surrounding how you would want to use this information collected prior to setting this up for redundancy. With the sales, blog posts, all emails, and new releases options you want, the simplest strategy would be to create segments off of each of these options and send targeted information to these customer preferences. For example, if a profile is added to your list and has selected “new release” as their preference, whenever you have a new product dropping, you can capture customers who have this particiular “new release” preference in a segment and use it as the recipient group for your campaign email to notify these customers. 

This would be the simplest strategy for such preference. I would love to hear from other Community members on other strategies they’ve used for these targeted emails after collecting their preferences or information!

I hope this helps!


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What David said is awesome for managing preferences.  


Want to add one more thing as your are setting up you welcome flow.  For that first message, know where the majority of those sign-ups are coming from and WHY they signed is important.


For example, if the pop-up on your site is the main point where you’ll be collecting and emails and if you use the strategy to offer an incentive to get the email then usually that first email they are expecting to receive the promo code (if they didn’t get it on the site). 


Just some food for thought!  Share how you’re flow is going when you have it up and running, would love to see how it’s going!

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Great thank you both so much for the help and tips!

Yes the plan is to then create segments for better targeting - I’m sure we’ve all been on the end of only wanting one type of email and getting ones that aren’t relevant to us.

I’ll take these on board and try and figure this out. Thank again so much for your help David and Manny!

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Ok so just an update - I’ve made the flow and it works!

I’ve added custom fields about frequency and type of email preferences, so once they click the popup they’re taken to enter their email address (again though which is annoying) and choose what they want. Then they enter the list and the flow starts.

Changed the default signup preferences and subscribe preference pages too to get this new information. 

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@David To 


the links you provided are all dead-ends these days. This is something that I’m stumbling across frequently here, whilst scouring the forum for information. Has the site architecture been changed, rendering many URL’s useless?



Thanks and regards,


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Hey @Christian has Questions 

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. Our product documentation team just updated the system architecture to the Help Center, but should have resolved these by now. I will roll this up to their team for them to resolve as quickly as possible. Thanks again for bringing this forward!