Automatic discount code email not sent out after sign up form submission

  • 27 January 2022
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Hi all,

I’m having trouble with my new email list subscriber sign up form. The form itself is working fine, except after an email is submitted and recorded into the list, the email with the discount coupon code wouldn’t be sent out automatically. I have set up a trigger flow attached to the subscriber list, and the emails have been changed from Manual to Live. I don’t know what’s wrong and Klaviyo support is ignoring my emails.


Please help

Thank you


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3 replies

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Hey @ballet123,

Sorry to hear that you’re having troubles with your welcome series flow! I took the liberty of looking into the status of your support ticket and it actually looks like a member of our support team reached back out to you with a resolution to your question within twelve hours of your support request. I would suggest checking your inbox for an email with the subject line of “Unable to send automated emails after sign up form submission” to see the full response from our team member.

I also wanted to thank @Michael and @Tomb for your collaboration and willingness to help!

To summarize the resolution highlighted by our support team as to why your welcome series flow is not triggering after subscribers have signed up through your form and added to your list, this seems to be caused by having a flow filter rule in place of “if someone is or is not in a list, person is not in newsletter list”. By using this flow filter in conjecture with the same list as a flow trigger, this is causing a contradictory statement. I would suggest taking a look at our Guide to Creating a List-Triggered Flow to understand how welcome series flows are initiated. 

In essence, when you have a list triggered flow, users would be queued up for the flow when they are added to the list for the first time. However, by having this contradictory flow filter in place, contacts who are added to the list would not qualify for the flow per your flow filter of not meeting the qualifications of having to not be in this particular list.

As our support team member suggested, we would recommend removing this flow filter to allow your flow to trigger without issue. It may help to also take a look at our About Flow Triggers and Filters Help Center article to learn more about the usages of flow filters.

In addition, we also have a number of Community posts pertaining to the subject of welcome series flow not trigger that may be helpful to take a look at as well! I’ve included some below that I’ve found has helped others:


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It's hard to tell where the error came from without access to your Klaviyo account.

Until the source of the error is found, I suggest that you modify your pop-up, and give the promotional code as soon as they have filled in their information. (the promo code will be shown directly on your site). 

If you want me to take a look at your account, you can create an access as Analyst at the email address:

(I won't be able to modify anything) 


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Do you have any screenshots of what your settlings are like - the trigger flow?

Will give a better understanding of what’s going on