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  • 28 October 2022
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Hey there!


Learning more about the power of Klaviyo. 


Right now I’m looking for a workflow that works as described. 

A purchaser comes to Shopify site and buys digital content in bulk sizes. i.e. 5 units for 1 game title. 20 licenses/seats for another game title. 

This purchaser then needs to provide their 5 licenses to their user base (B2B2C). 

The user unlocks the content by inputting a code where the content needs to be activated. They ideally need to register using a sign up form. The code can be the same for each user but cannot be the same for each purchaser.


The workflow I have is: 

Flow that triggers when a purchase is made for the product by purchaser. 

  • Automated email #1 which provides purchaser with the registration link (a separate shopify hosted site) that has a Klaviyo sign up form embedded in it. 
  • A conditional which triggers email #2, activation email, with the activation code in it (a specific code that can be the same for all users in the organization). Conditional is based on them joining a Klaviyo list from registering in the sign up form. 

This flow won’t work. Nor will a flow work in which I create a trigger based on someone registering because there doesn’t seem to be a way to know who the user registering is. I can’t tie a property to the user. 

I can’t put a unique code that automatically populates in the user registration sign up form either that I can reference in the conditional to provide the activation code email.


Does anyone have a workflow using Klaviyo that is suited to provides large volumes of digital access codes to purchasers/admins who then provide to their user base,  B2B2C.


Thank you.


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Thanks for sharing this question with our community.

I’d consider creating a custom metric for your purchasers (using the Track API) containing the unique code id(s) (in addition to any other relevant information about the purchase i.e. game name, number of licences in the purchase etc). You can trigger a flow using a metric-triggered flow (when someone purchases a game licence - trigger this flow) and populate the unique id’s using event variables. From there, the purchaser can share the unique codes to their users. In the email to the purchaser, you can include a link to your registration form with instructions to register.

I hope that’s helpful.