Back in Stock Flow Not Working

  • 13 April 2021
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Hello I’m wondering why my Back in Stock flow is not adding email to subscriber list

  • Back in Stock snippet is successfully installed on Shopify

Problem is

  • When I subscribe to the list and check Back in Stock delay activity there are no profiles added
  • Even when I test the product and add a stock there is no updates on Back in Stock report

Can anyone have any idea how to make this work? I feel like the klaviyo snippet is not communicating to klaviyo account and not adding any emails subscriber at all.



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Hi @ChrisPB,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

First, I would double-check your Back in Stock code snippet to ensure that it is pointing to a valid list ID. To verify, you can cross-reference the ID in the “account” section in your code (depicted in my screenshot) with the ID you see in the list settings: These two 6 ID’s should match. Please do not share this key in this post, this is for your own security. There are cases where an invalid list ID is pasted in the code, preventing the user from being added to the list. For example, if a segment ID is added to the code. Or if the user installing the Back in Stock code did not append the section for “list” to the code, as described in our installing BIS documentation


I would also cross-reference the ID in the “account” section of this code with the public API key of the Klaviyo account in question. These 6-digit ID’s should match. Again, please do not share this key in this post, this is for your own security.

If all of this information checks out, can you confirm if there is a “Subscribed to Back in Stock” event logged at all for these profiles? If so, it may just be taking the flow some time to update these items. I would recommend double-checking the flow again for updates.

If the “Subscribed to Back in Stock” event is not getting logged at all on the profile, there may be a separate integration-related issue at play. Also please keep in mind, Installation of back in stock is not supported for Shopify stores using custom themes. For a list of supported themes, please check here. At this time we cannot assist with implementing back in stock for stores using custom themes. 

Thanks and have a great day.