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  • 24 November 2022
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Hey, I plan to offer store credit on my bigcommerce store for people, who complete review with our product review and cross-sell flow. I would need some guidelines as to how to set it up.


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Hi @MM6,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

I know store credit is a field that is synced over to Klaviyo via the BigCommerce integration. It can be expressed on the Klaviyo profile as a custom property. This means, we can pull this data into our flows and display it to users who move through these flows.

Now, in order to display store credit, I recommend setting up a “if” statement for emails in both your product review and cross-sell flows to only display store credit to users who have a credit value > 0. An “if” statement is used to show different content to different recipients based on certain conditions.

So the “if” statement would look like this: 

{% if person|lookup:'BigCommerce Store Credit' > '0.0000' %}

In other words this statement says, if a store credit is greater than 0 show the value of the credit. Otherwise don’t show the credit property at all.

If you also want to show users who have credit = 0 as well as those who have credit > 0, you can simply amend the tag to include an equals sign so it’s “>=” instead of just “>”. 

I hope that’s helpful.