Birthday Collection - Best Practices?

  • 5 April 2021
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I have a birthday flow set up, and sent out a manage preferences campaign to collect birthdays through a preferences page. Only problem is, Klaviyo doesn’t have a way to restrict what a subscriber can type into a box via a preferences page.

There is no “date” box option, only text. I did give instructions above the box for how to format the date, but as we all know, some people don’t follow the instructions. Here’s a screenshot of the field:

I did a test run for the manage preferences campaign and about 80% of people filled out the pet birthday correctly, with the right format

I know that you can do a sign-up form, or a custom preference page that’s hosted on your site where you could restrict what gets typed in the box, but that’s not ideal for us since we don't have a coder on staff.


My question is: does anyone have a better way of collecting birthdates that doesn’t involve a custom html page?


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2 replies

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I think this post might help you. I also face the problem.



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Hey @ThunderKatie! Another option would be to create a landing page with an embedded signup form, and link to that (instead of using the manage preferences page). That way, you’ll be able to use the date-format field, and won’t have to worry about typos or bad formatting.