Can I change mail content in a time A/B testing when 1st batch is sent?

  • 9 September 2023
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I have created an email campain which I wanted to test sending times with. So the mails are identical with several sending times. After the first mail was sent I recieved customer feedback about a mistake I made. Is there a possibility to fix this for the mails scheduled for sending later? (There are a few hours left until the planned time)


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2 replies


David, many thanks! That’s exactly what I did, I was just wondering if there was another way that leaves the original campaign intact. 

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Unfortunately, once a campaign is mid-send, the only way to make any updates to the content would be to cancel the campaign and reschedule it. 

Once cancelled, it should be a fairly easy process to create a segment capturing all users who have received this specific campaign already. Which can be used as part of your exclusion group after cloning the campaign to be rescheduled. 

I hope this helps!