Can i exclude a user form already received E-mails?

  • 22 January 2023
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Dear community



At the moment i have a retention, activation and post purchase flow in place. 

I don’t quite get the logic behind the flows and if a subscriber can get several time in to the same flow?


To be more specific:
I want to send out 7 Mails within the post purchase flow. The subscriber enters the flow, if he has placed an order at least 1x overall time. The user leaves the flow after not opening the the Mails at least 2 time after 4 Mails and probably enters the retention flow. The retention flow gets active when no further order have been placed since the first order. 


My question is now: When the retention flow works well, and the user is ordering again, does it get into the very beginning of my post purchase flow again? Is possible to put the user where he left? 


I would love to prevent sending the same e-mails after every purchase. 


Thanks for your help! 

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You can have this second time customer into a different path within flow using a flow filter or conditional split. There is a template for this within flow builder;