Can I Manually import contacts who subscribed via 3rd party app to Klaviyo's "back in stock" flow?

  • 12 October 2021
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I’m working with a business whose store built on BigCommerce, and they are currently using a 3rd party app for back in stock notifications. We’d like to try the Klaviyo option instead as apparently the app is a little buggy, however, there are already people subscribed to notifications from this app (I don’t know what it’s called). 

Is it possible to manually import, then add contacts to the back in stock notification flow? I don’t see a way to smoothly transition from the app to Klaviyo. It looks like manually adding contacts to a metric-triggered flow isn't possible, but I wanted to check if that was still the case with this.




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2 replies

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Hi @Taylor Tarpley , that is the same conclusion I’ve come to. Thanks for confirming!


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Hi @wernstrom


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


BigCommerce is one of our supported integrations for Back in Stock Flow. However, like you mentioned you will not be able manually add or import users into the Klaviyo Back in Stock Flow because of the specific nature of the metric that triggers the Flow. Our Flow is only triggered when someone clicks the ‘Notify me when this is back in stock’ button with our code snippet installed into the store's theme files. When shoppers click this button, they'll fill out a form and go right into your flow. Back-populating isn’t an option either because technically these users haven’t triggered the new Flow’s specific metric.


I’d suggest following our documentation on how to build this Flow and install the correct codes snippet so you will be able to catch all interested users for the future who want this notification. Unfortunately, the only way to migrate your subscribers who have already subscribed to your custom Back in Stock notification would be to manually upload them into one comprehensive list via a  CSV file and tag the users with a custom property depending on what product they subscribed to, for example, ‘subscribed to product x’ , subscribed to x, y, z’. This would allow you to create a segment for users subscribed to each product and send each a campaign when their product is back in stock. Additionally, if you do not want to create custom properties, you could upload each user to a separate list via CSV file according to the specified product and only send a campaign to each list accordingly. 



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