Can I Personalize My Email's CTA Button?

  • 28 October 2021
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Just wondering if there is anyway for me to personalize my CTA buttons on Klaviyo. I know that I can change the colour, font, roundness. But is there more I can do or do people create their buttons on another platform and import them in as images?




Best answer by Manny Singh 29 October 2021, 05:21

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3 replies

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What did you have in mind? :)

If it’s something more than that, you can create it is an image in a photo editor (ie. Photoshop) and then use an image block with a link

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Hey! Okay, so I just wanted to know if it was possible to make the default on Klaviyo look different, besides rounding the edges and changing the colour! But yeah, I’ve been making my buttons on a photo editor and then simply uploading them to Klaviyo! Wish the button had the option to be more personalized!


Thanks for the reply!

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Hi @EmpoweringWomen


Happy to hear that you’ve found success with @Mailbox Manny’s awesome suggestion! I would be happy to share a feature request on your behalf! 


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