Can I save a campaign design as a pdf for clients to approve?

  • 28 October 2022
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I’m a designer working on a campaign design for a client. I can send them test emails but would like to export the campaign as a pdf to send them directly so I know exactly what they are reviewing (to make sure they’re seeing the correct fonts etc.)


Is there a way to export campaigns as a pdf? Ideally with links that work. I don’t want to export a test email from my personal inbox as it changes the design when I try to. 


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5 replies

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Here, here. I vote for this option as well! We need Klaviyo to truly support the typical approval processes for both in-house marketing teams and agency/client relationships.

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Agreed. This is marked “solved” but what is described here is not a solution.

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Yes, I subscribe to this request. Being able to preview and download emails in pdf format would be so helpful.

I, for instance, need to create several campaigns and send it for approval within the company to colleagues who don’t have access to Klaviyo. 

Such feature would make my life so much easier. 



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Hey @redstickspice 

Thank you so much for your feedback! Just to give a little context, we mark a question as solved when the best answer at that time is given. We try our best to make sure threads like this are updated as soon as there is any new product releases that better solve the challenge. With continued feedback from members like you, we can help drive product request to the top. I am going to send your feedback to the product team to add to the other request to be able to download templates as a PDF. 

Thank you so much for being part of the community. I appreciate your feedback!

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Hello @sharina and welcome to the Community!


Although there is no supported method of exporting an email as a PDF directly, there are a few workarounds that may achieve a version of what you are looking to do.


The first option would be to send yourself a test email and export as a PDF through your inbox client. I see that you already explored that option, but you were discouraged by the alternative formatting that was induced by your email provider. It’s true that each inbox provider may format emails differently, so you could try other free inbox providers to see if they keep your intended formatting. This option was also discussed in this Community thread:


Alternatively, if you client has access to the same Klaviyo account that you are editing the Campaign in, you could send the link to your Campaign preview. To do this, navigate to Campaigns > Click into your Campaign > Proceed to Content Page > Next to “Edit Email” Button at Top Right, Click Drop-Down Menu > Click Preview Email > Copy URL:

This would require your client to log in to the same Klaviyo account, but it would provide a live preview of the Campaign with working links. 


I hope this helps, and thank you for being a Community member!