Can I turn off the Order Confirmation Email flow within Shopify and only use Klaviyo's?

  • 7 August 2022
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Hi there,

There is no way that I can disable order confirmation in Shopify. So how can I ensure that only the transactional email in the flow is the only email customer will receive when an event is trigger (e.g. placed order)? I don't want them to receive order confirmation twice (the default one in Shopify and the one I created in the flow that is sent when event "Placed order" is triggered).

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Hi there @Sophievk2305


You can find out how to disable Shopify’s shipping notification by checking out this step here  in our Help center documenter on the subject! 


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We are using Shopify advanced.

I am sending out the order confirmation through Shopify (using a Klaviyo template) and I would like to send out the shipping notification through Klaviyo, however I cannot find where to disable the shipping notification (Cf. your message Settings > Checkout). Could you please help ?


Thank you

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Hi @DeeH,


The option to to disable these Shopify-automated notification emails within Shopify, as listed below, is only available if you’re using Shopify Plus:

  • Customer account welcome
  • Order confirmation
  • Order cancelled
  • Order refund
  • Shipping update


If you are not on Shopify plus, then you will have to keep using Shopify’s order confirmation emails, however, you can turn off the following Shopify flows and only have them go through Klaviyo.

  • Abandoned checkout notification: Can be turned off within Shopify > Settings > Checkout
  • Shipping confirmation: Can be turned off within Shopify > Settings > Checkout
  • Delivery updates, including local delivery: Can be turned off within Shopify > Settings > Notifications


If you want to send your shipping confirmation or delivery confirmation via Klaviyo for example, I’d check out our helpful documentation describing the process. It should be noted that if you choose to send these emails from Klaviyo, they are transactional messages, different than marketing email messages and you will have to  contact our Customer Support team to turn these messages live. Transactional email requests are manually reviewed and monitored closely to ensure that no marketing content is sent out as users who have opted out of your marketing would receive these emails if they placed an order. 

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