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  • 6 April 2022
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Our e-commerce company is initating a new ‘stock drop campaign’ - we have added the products to a unique ‘stock drop’ category on Magento. The category is currently disabled. I want to create the product feed to only pull from this category but Klaviyo doesn’t seem to be recognising the new category to set up a product feed. I am drafting the email to schedule it before sending out. Is the issue that the category is not live? However I can see in the list of options other categories that are not currently live.


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Hi @FB3,

Thanks for sharing this with our community.

That is correct! You would have to set the category as an active one since we don't sync disabled categories.

In terms of the other disabled categories that synced over, were those active at one point? If so, they would have synced over at the point while they were active before they became disabled. I would also double-check the “status” of disabled items in the Klaviyo catalog under “Status in Klaviyo” (2nd column), make sure that the items you’ve disabled in Magento are “Unpublished” in Klaviyo otherwise they could appear in a product feed (unless you are manually curating the feed, using the “Select from Catalog” option). If you are using M2, check out the thread below on installing webhooks to automate removal of “dead” products:

 I hope that’s helpful.