Conditional split configuration based on where the reader clicked

  • 26 July 2021
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Hi Guys! 

I would like to ask for advice on a specific conditional split setting that I set up in my email flow. More specifically whether it’s set up correctly or not?

What I want to achieve is: send out one generic email to my list and then follow up emails, based on the specific links people were clicking on when reading the first email.
Links, that people are clicking are set up as hotlinks in the email. I would like to confirm whether the correct way to set up these conditions is:

What someone has done -> Clicked email -> URL -> equals [link]
What someone has done -> Clicked email ->message -> equals [message on the hotlink]

I'll add a screenshot as an attachment to make it more understandable.

At the moment it seems really odd that out of 6000 people, nobody is receiving any follow up emails? So I’m wondering if the “URL” and “message” part after “clicked email” is set up correctly or not or is there another way to set up this kind of follow up flow?

Thank you!




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Hi @CK-brand,

Thank you for sharing this information with the Community.

As it stands now, your split is defined to pull in folks who have either clicked on that URL or clicked the email named “Shop Wholesale Online”. I think the point of confusion may be the “since starting this flow” part of the condition. That condition requires that the user either click on the URL or click on the email while they are actively moving through the flow. So with that condition in place, if the user completes one of the action items in the conditional split but they are not yet in the flow when they do so, they will go down the “no” path of the split (which may be causing them to leave the flow). Likewise, if they have previously completed one of the actions items in the conditional split and later enter the flow, they would go down the “no” path of the split for the same reason.

In most cases, users want to use the “over all time” condition instead of “since starting this flow” because the former condition would allow include users, who did one of these things -- but it would not require them to do so while actively moving through the flow. For example, if the user clicked the email before entering the flow, using “over all time” would put them down the “yes” path of this split.

If this is accurate, you’ll want to update that condition and potentially backpopulate the flow to capture folks who would qualify under the new condition. That will essentially retroactively populate the flow with folks who have done one of these two action items. Depending on the trigger, you have a couple of different backpopulation options.

I explain backpopulating metric-triggered flows in the thread below which backpopulates relative to a time-delay in a flow:

In this other thread below I discuss the other backpopulation option which can only be selected only if the flow is triggered off of a list or a segment (in other words, not a metric-triggered flow):

In short, judging by the screenshot my best guess is updating the condition to “over all time” instead of “since starting this flow” in combination with backpopulating the flow to capture folks who would qualify under this new condition would remedy the problem.

In addition to the above, there may also be another factor not related to this split preventing folks from entering the flow altogether. I recommend reviewing some of those potential solutions for that in the post below:

I hope that is helpful!