Conditional split timing and embedding sign up forms

  • 21 January 2024
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I’ve started a newsletter flow where the series reaches a conditional split after the first email - once they actually click on the link to download their free song. If they open the first email, click on a link, they should get another email right away with another coupon. I see that 2 people opened the email and clicked on the link but the thankyou email with the coupon hasn’t been sent yet. Can I set within the conditional split that the next email is sent immediately once conditions are met? I didn’t see a place to do that? There is no time delay between the first email and second in the split. 

For those who don’t meet the conditions, they are put on a time delay and enter back into the flow where both flows come back together. This process is repeated many more times. 

At this time, I’m leery of transferring the rest of my list over from another company until I know that the emails from the conditional split are being sent immediately upon someone clicking on the link that I added as one of the conditions. This is what I have as of now in each conditional split:

  • What someone has or hasn’t done
  • Opened the email 
  • I then opened the funnel-looking thing and manually typed in the letters “URL” in the search. I clicked on “add URL.”
  • From there, another box opens up that says...
  • Where the URL equals. This is where I put the URL that meets the conditions to receive the next email with the coupon.
  • This flow has 40 emails with many conditional splits that I set up the same way. 

Next, I have a WordPress site that has WooCommerce. CLICK HERE to go to my site, Healing Frequencies Music. I got everything set up in Klaviyo for the pop-up to work. I’m trying to embed another form in the right side-bar and bottom footer (on the right). The Klaviyo widget wasn’t working so I used the custom HTML widget. I want the form to always show up but it doesn’t appear to work that way. On my phone, the widgets show up but not on the computer even though I have it set for be visible on both. 

It appears even the embedded widgets only show up the first time someone is on the site and then not again, just like the pop-up. I changed the pop-up so it shows once a day and then anyone who is already subscribed never sees it. I’m not given that same option for the embedded form. Suggestions?

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Here is a screenshot of my conditional split.