Confusion with 'cannot have an entire flow that is deemed transactional'

  • 18 March 2022
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I am starting to set up transactional flows. 

I have come across this on the help pages: 

You cannot have an entire flow that is deemed transactional, though it is possible to create a flow in which all the emails are transactional. Found on this article.

Please can someone elaborate on this as it is confusing. 

Also, if we can not have an entire flow that is deemed transactional how do we combine (or do we have to create a new flow) for each transactional email we need? ie. order confirmation, order shipped, order completed etc. 

Thank you.


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Hello @Rachel H,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

For clarification, transactional status are per email basis; not on a per flow basis. So although you may have all emails within your flow be considered and marked as transactional, the flow itself would not be considered "transactional”. For this reason, when reaching out to have your emails marked and approved as transactional, we request that you include each of the subject line of the email(s) that you would like reviewed by our Support Team members. 

Typically, because each of those transactional type emails would be send for different response of an ordering process, often times you’ll have several flows built out whose email are marked transactional. For example, an order confirmation email would be triggered by a Placed Order event and a Shipping confirmation email would be triggered by a Fulfilled Order or a standalone Shipping Confirmation event, etc. 

I hope this helps!