Content Block gone hidden after set up Display Condition in Edit Mode?

  • 21 March 2022
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I wonder anyone facing same issue-

While editing email, i set up the display logic for a content block, it makes all the content blocks that followed hidden (in edit mode), when i preview my email, they all show up.

Is there any setting i got wrong? or is there a bug? Thanks. 


Best answer by Dov 24 March 2022, 16:45

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3 replies

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Hi @CJRegan,

Thank you for sharing this video with us, that was very helpful to see.

Since you are targeting a custom property, the structure for the condition will differ slightly from that of a profile property which uses person.XYZ, as you have in your block currently. For custom properties, you’ll want to use “person|lookup”. Here’s an example screenshot of a condition targeting “Age”:

From there, continue using the “and” separator, followed by the next “person|lookup” statement.

After you update your conditional statement to reflect these changes, I recommend having a look through our documentation here for more examples of data types and condition structures. Also, our friend Joe from Retention Commerce has a great article he published with some further examples here. You should definitely check that out as well.

Lastly, you should just double-check that the profile you are “previewing as” in the new template editor indeed meets the criteria for Loyalty Points that you set out in your conditional statement. You can always search for a specific profile who meets the conditions using the “Search for a Profile” button in the editor.


I hope that’s helpful!

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Hi @Dov ,

Thanks for getting back.

I did it in the New Editor.

It’s difficult to show in the image. I did a short video here:



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Hi @CJRegan,

Thanks for sharing this with the community.

Can you clarify the exact logic you’re using to hide the block (a screenshot would be helpful, redacting any personal information) and whether you are using the original or new Klaviyo editor

I’d also double-check that you are saving your changes in the editor before previewing. And sending a preview with a few different email clients. I’d also send a live email to your test profile and see if you get the same results, or, if it’s just occurring in the preview.

Let’s start here and work from there :)