Creating weekly custom products emails depending on property ?

  • 20 February 2024
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We are a second hand company quicly growing, with 50k+ products and 80k clients.


We are gathering informations about our customers and we would like to send personalize product emails automaticaly everyweek.


What would be the way to do it ?


To start, we want to keep it simple, with a combination of gender and sizes (shirts and pants).


Thanks a lot,



2 replies

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Thanks a lor for your quick help.


  • We are on shopify.
    • In our product feed I can see all the collections that we have created (4k+)
  • I would like to start with simple custom emails aroung gender and sizes :
    • At the moment, we are sending a weekly product emails with the same products for our entire base. It serves as an incentive for people to check more products on our website, but I’m pretty it can be improve.
    • I would like to ask to my base very few information (i.e. size of shirts and size of pants), and be able to send the rights products at the right person.

I would sort them by Most viewed or something similar. On our website, we use Algolia to sort and recommend but I don’t think I can do anything with that on Klaviyo.


Thanks a lot !

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Hi @Laurent, welcome to the community here at Klaviyo!

This is certainly an interesting challenge, and it depends on a few factors of how you want to approach this:

  • First, which ecommerce platform (if any) are you on.
  • If you are on a custom developed system, have you fully integrated your “Custom Catalog Feed” with Klaviyo?
  • What type of information are you gathering about your customers?
  • And, how does that information dictate what products to send to them?  Do you have an internal algorithm or recommendation engine that can process the information and generate a list of products for each client?

Let us know a few more details and perhaps we can help!