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  • 16 March 2023
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Has anyone managed to successfully build flows for pregnancy-based email marketing. My main concern is the collecting and utilizing of the data, as I am aware that these date based values will differ for every individual.

We want to trigger relevant product/informational emails at the correct times for each customer. Ideally we would like to use a popup to collect a due date, and then from that we are able to calculate and tag accordingly to trigger segments or flows for 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester etc. So if one person signs up with a due date and they are in their 3rd trimester, we could calculate this and provide them with 3rd trimester flow. Whereas if someone signed up in their 1st trimester, again we could identify and place them in the 1st trimester flow, followed by 2nd and then 3rd. 

Is is possible, or is there just too much room for error? Has anyone done anything similar? Any suggestions or examples would be much appreciated!!



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4 replies

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Hi @jadebiscuit, welcome to the community!

I’m not sure if you’ve already seen this, but a “Date Triggered” Flow might be exactly what you’re looking for.  The documentation to set one up is here:

So in your scenario, you would collect the date as a Custom Property, and then create three Flows:

  • One that’s triggered 2 or 3 months before date
  • One that’s triggered 5 or 6 months before date
  • One that’s triggered 8 or 9 months before date

You can use some exclusions so that subscribers in the 1st Trimester don’t get the other two.  And those in the 2nd Trimester don’t also get the 3rd Trimester Flows.  Then in each Flow you can plan out all the emails you want to send in that journey - with the 1st Trimester Flow being the longest since its the one with subscribers furthest from their due date.  

Here’s additional info in Klaviyo that might be helpful:

Hope this helps get you started, if you have any further questions just ask them here!


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Hi @jadebiscuit


Yes, date-triggered flows work backwards from the date inputted, so you can create flow for each trimester worked backward from the date on each profile. This is demonstrated in the date-triggered flow documentation @retention mentioned earlier outlining how a birthday flow is set up:


Yes, I do believe there should be some way for a user to sensitively note that their circumstances has changed. While you can simply link an unsubscribe link, it should be noted that if you’re not on a paid plan, when a user unsubscribes, they will be globally unsubscribed to all your marketing and not just this specific list. If you are on a free plan, the user will not receive any promotional material from you until they resubscribe themselves. 




Hi @Taylor Tarpley  - how come we wouldn’t just do 1 flow for 40 weeks - would this prove problematic? And confirming your above message meant that if they entered at 5 weeks before due date, they would only receive these 5 weeks of emails? 

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Hi thanks for the reply.

What you’ve said makes sense - the only other questions I have thought of in relation to these types of date triggered flows are:

Every due date will be different. We ideally want a customer to fall into whichever flow at the correct point. So for example, we might send one email every week from the 1st to the 3rd trimester (total of 40 emails over 40 weeks across 3 trimesters). A customer is three weeks into their first trimester so we want them to get the 3rd email rather than having to wait to fall into the second trimester flow at 13 weeks (they’d miss a lot of content).

The only way I can think to do this is with duplicate flows. Flow 1 starts 40 weeks before due date with email 1. Flow 2 starts 39 weeks before due date with email 2. Flow 3 starts 38 weeks before due date with email 3. Etc etc. However this is very complicated!!

Another potential problem is, we can’t account for any problems the mother may encounter E.g. loss of baby,premature birth etc. We don’t want to be insensitive or cause customers distress. So all I can think of is a banner, right at the top of the email that says, if your circumstances have changed and you no longer want to see these emails - please unsubscribe here. Would you agree??