Do order confirmation Flows resend for Subscription Renewals or just the original purchase?

  • 14 March 2024
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I’m selling subscriptions that auto-renew. I made a order confirmation email with specific information and auto generated discount codes as part of their subscription.


Will they get this email every month when their subscription renews?


If so, how can I set a flow up to only send the email for the original purchase? Thank you

2 replies

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Welcome to the community @MarkReal 

Yes, unless you add a filter.

If a subscription order creates a placed order event in Klaviyo and you only want emails sent on their initial subscription purchase, you add a filter to your placed order subscription flow: ‘Has not been in the flow at any time’. 

New purchasers will only enter the flow once on their first order.

If you are also selling non-subscription products, you will need to add an additional filter to include only contacts who have purchased your subscription product in the flow.

Does that answer your question?




@bluesnapper thank you. So what filter do I need to apply to the flow?