Email campaign can't go to schedule

  • 28 January 2022
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In my email campaigns it won’t let me click on the schedule or send button.  It is lighter blue/faded out and there’s no explanation there are all green checks that everything is ready to schedule/send.  I have a free plan less than 250 profiles and would be emailing a little over 100 profiles.  I previously had an SMS account temporarily (I never used just signed up in an attempt to get chat support, but the chat support did not materialize so I cancelled it).  Not sure why I can’t schedule email campaigns and why there’s no explanation revealing itself.


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3 replies

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Hi there @VHTme,

Welcome to the Community! To better assist you on this issue, do you mind answering a few questions so we can work through this together?

Did you recently downgrade a payment plan to a free one? I would also double check that you are in fact attempting to send below your free plan email limit as that could be another factor. It could also be that your account has become inactive and was not activated again. 
Unfortunately, we cannot take a deeper dive into individual accounts here and I would recommend you contact support after we work together here and cannot come up with an issue.


Thanks and I look forward to your response!

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I did recently down grade from a paid SMS to no SMS, but the email account settings have not changed.  I have a red “Your Account is Cancelled” note at the top of Klaviyo, but obviously it’s referring to the SMS as my email is not cancelled because my account shows I have emails sent on the account today via the email signup form portion of the app.  I am attempting to send below the free plan limit this is confirmed.

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Hey there @VHTme,

If you have an account cancellation notice, you would need to contact support and get that sorted out from their team. They are able to get your account reactivated as the Community team is unable to go into the deep end of your account. Thank you for your understanding and have a great day!