Flow error 553 when customers reply to our sender email

  • 3 September 2021
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I created a flow, listos and everything work fine... But! When someone tries to answer the email from the Flow it sais error553.

I tried and I receive when someone answer from campaigns 


I work with shopify and I've already check the integración and everything is ok


Please help me…



Best answer by Ana 10 September 2021, 09:58

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5 replies

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Great to hear @Ana ! If you don’t mind, would you share how you went about troubleshooting your problem and what helped lead to a solution?


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HI all! Finally i fixed the problema. It has to be with the mx settings. All ok now! 

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Hi @Ana I’m going great thanks for asking!

Sorry to hear about your email sends and the issue that continues to persist. Has this issue been impacting every flow and campaign and email? 

I can open up a support ticket for you to have one of our product experts do a deep dive into your account and see what can be going on.


Additionally, please keep us up to date here with any new findings.




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Hi Alex how are you? Thanks for your reply… I´m really worried because I double checked the emails settings and they are ok.

So I went to test all the flows, campagnes and emails I have and some worked and some appears with the error message I told you.


It´s really weird, and I don´t know what to do...

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Hi @Ana ,

Welcome to the Community!


Congrats on setting up flows and lists! I hope to provide insight onto the problem you may be encountering.

To start, an error 553 message means that the campaign message sent was sent to an invalid email address/recipient domain. 

It sounds like after sending out a campaign from your sender email address, if someone tries to reply directly to the email they get this error 553 message. I would make sure to double check what your account's send to address is set on both the account default level and the flow email level. If the email is invalid, the 553 error message is the expected behavior. We have documentation on how to change the sender email address so that this error can be fixed for future campaigns. Please double check that your reply-to (in this case sender address) is an active one that can actually receive emails.


Hope this helped and please updated the Community with your findings!