Flow is not progressing past conditional split

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800 users have completed a conditional split, but the email they are supposed to receive afterword is not sending. Help?



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Hey @kmaleki!

When you click your email below the split, can you select ‘View All Analytics’

Does it also showcase the same volume of recipients as your flow says? The Recipient Activity Tab on that report will also break down how many got caught in Smart Sending, queued up, or skipped! That deeper report may shed some light on if contacts are or are not being emailed the message.

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I checked Smart Sending, and that’s not the issue- these contacts haven’t been emailed in longer than the window we set. 

On the detailed analytics, the overview shows that 5 people were sent the message (an earlier batch than this group). Under recipient activity, it says ‘254 sent’ but zero of them have opened, which simply isn’t possible considering the previous activity from this group. But then, when I check deliverability, it shows that only 5 were sent again. 

I’ve got the same situation in both the Yes and No groups! 

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Flow maestro @In the Inbox any insights on why this could be happening?