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  • 3 January 2024
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Hello. I just integrated Klaviyo with Shopify. I am just exploring and find it out really good. I am having problem with the flow for new subscriber. I already create the flow. But when i tested by put my mail on the form pop up di don’t receive any email of Thank you for subscribing or Discount as programmed in the flow. Could someone help me with that


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2 replies


Thank you so much, i am going to review all of the process cause I can see the emails has been added to a list but no confirmation received

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The first thing that comes on my mind here is that you maybe didn’t turn double opt in off so this way before you can receive any marketing emails you have to confirm that you want to do that which means you have to click on another confirmation email before you can receive the thank you marketing email.

In case you already did that I would say go track the process backwards.. first see if you are added to list and if not find out why not.. and if you were then see if the flow send you an email. It may not or it may send it in spam.. all of this info should be either in Klaviyo or in your inbox.