Flow notification with profile's data interpolated, not recipient's data

  • 2 June 2021
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I’ve configured a Flow to send an email notification to a chosen internal address, which is in response to a profile fulfilling some kind of conditions.

How do I interpolate details about the target profile into the notification, without referencing the recipient that will receive the notification itself? Wouldn’t `{{ person }}` refer to the recipient? Is there something I can use in `{{ event }}` ?


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in the preview pane, Klaviyo automatically takes the email sender accounbt, but you can use the search profile field to lookup any user and see the preview with that user details.



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Hi, thanks for your clarification.

Perhaps it’s an issue with the preview feature where it references the recipient’s email address instead of referring to the profile’s email address.

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Hello @mscheurichpatou,

Since you are using a Notification Action within a flow, the dynamic profile properties being parsed would be those of the profile/contact that reached that step, not the profile properties of the designated recipient. 

For example, if you have a Notification Action set up with a message such as “{{ first_name }}{{ last_name }} has joined the list, their email is {{ email }}” and John Doe with an email address of joined the list and triggered this Notification Action step, your designated email would receive a message of “John Doe has joined the list, their email is”.

Hope this clarifies some things!


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Thanks @cassy.lee 

I’ve done some testing and I found that:

  • {{ first_name }} and {{ last_name }} refer to the profile
  • {{ email }} refers to the recipient’s email address
  • I’ve tried {{ }} and {{ person | lookup:”email” }} but it still points to the recipient’s email address, not the profile email address

Is there any other way to refer to the profile’s email address?

To test, I selected the “Preview email” option in the notification settings in Flow editor, searched for a profile which doesn’t share my email address and then checked “Send as email” and sent it to my email address.

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Hi @mscheurichpatou

Thanks for sharing this in the Community - it’s an interesting use to pull in to the notification emails! For some clarity, when you’re using personalized variables, it populates with information on the contact that reached this step in the flow. So for this particular email notification to your team, it would trigger based on the action of the person or event variable. 

You can read more about this in the article section “Add the Notification Action” here.  


When customizing your message content, you can include personalization variables that will populate with information regarding the contact that reached this step in the flow — i.e., the contact triggering the notification. For metric-triggered flows, you can also use event variables in your message.

You will not be able to use the following in your message:

  • Dynamic coupons
  • Data or product feeds
  • Webview, preference, or unsubscribe link tags



Please also note that the Notification Flow will not work for more than give recipients. 

Thanks so much, and hope this was helpful!