Flow-triggered emails are too slow

  • 2 August 2021
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Hi there,

We are using a flow to send a welcome email with a discount code as soon as someone is added to a mailing list. However, it takes 3-5 minutes for the email to be triggered. This is problematic, because I know that most people check their emails immediately after they sign up , hoping to find their discount code. A delay of 2-3 minutes is unacceptable as we will probably lose that sale.

Is there anything I can do to speed it up?




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8 replies

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Hello @Doubleo,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Community.

I'm sorry to hear about the issue you are having. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to inherently speed up the time in which the emails are delivered. However, I have some recommendations for you to consider to optimize send time speed.

First, if possible, ensure that you set the trigger to be a list rather than a segment. Since the segment takes time to evaluate profiles who qualify, you will see longer wait times before the email dispatches for segment-triggered flows vs list-triggered flows. The following guide walks through how segments update in more detail.

Second, if you have any conditional splits (especially with complex or multiple conditions) before the first flow email, this can also slightly impact send speed since this too takes time to evaluate before filtering the user down the appropriate path of the split. You may want to consider adding these later in the flow, especially for a time-sensitive initial flow email.

Third, I encourage you to test the flow for yourself, if you have double opt-in enabled, the delay is often because users have not yet confirmed their subscription via email. Only after they confirm their subscription will they be queued-up for the flow email. If you notice the email is being dispatched promptly at testing, double-opt in speed may very well be accounting for the delay. You can disable double opt-in at any time.

If none of the above aids the situation, you may want to consider adding a static coupon code within the success message of your sign up form. That way users can use it immediately rather than waiting for a flow email containing a coupon code to arrive.

Thanks and have a great rest of your day.

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Hi @Dov 

Thanks for the response. Your second recommendation re: the conditional split was indeed the reason. For testing purposes I had a condition that only allowed for email addresses that contained my name (so that nobody else would get the welcome emails while testing), and once I removed it, everything got much faster. It’s great, but I hope in the future we do not need actual conditional splits.

Thanks again,


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 @Doubleo glad to hear one of the solutions provided was able to assist with the issue. Thank you for being a member of our Community :)

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Hi @Dov - my automated flow email also contains a discount code and is taking way too long to send. I have it set up to send to a list, no conditional splits, and I already disabled the double opt-in...what can I do to ensure this sends out immediately?

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Hi Klaviyo.

I’d also like to tab on the latest comment from “brd”. I am new and setting up the email flow for new subscriptions. Customers provide an email address, and they get sent a discount code to use on the website. I tested this myself and it took the email around 3 minutes to get through. 

I have turned off double opt in. The email is triggered “When someone subscribes to newsletter” which is a list not a segment. 

This slow speed is also consistent when I tested in SMS messages. Messages don’t get reflected in your activity feed until a few minutes later.

Does the slow speed have anything to do with our Klaviyo plan?




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Hello @brd & @Reverie,

Thank you for your comments.

@Reverie, sending speed is never tied directly to your Klaviyo plan. In some cases where sending volume is high across the Klaviyo infrastructure, you may see slightly longer than normal send times. 

If send time for a discount code is an issue, I strongly recommend considering implementing the last piece of advice in my original reply - adding a static coupon code within the success message of your sign up form. That way users will immediately receive the coupon upon form fill and can use it immediately without risk of a further delay.

I hope that is helpful.


Hi @Dov, what can be done about the email send time? I have followed all of the above recommendations except for the code as we have to provide individualised codes.

For us this has consistently been around 15 minutes which is really unacceptable.  Can you please escalate this? Thank you 

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Hey @Little-Acre-team 

Can you share more info on how you have your flow setup? You are right, 15 minutes is too long depending on the type of flow. With more info I can help try to help identify the reason for the delay.