Form contains 56 options with each a unique email / url. How to build the flow and email the right way?

  • 25 January 2023
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Hi guys,


I have created a form with several options:

We get stuck when setting up a workflow. This contains various variables that a visitor can choose from. The goal is that we can show a unique PDF in the same e-mail depending on what people have entered in the form. See screenshot. So you get 56 unique URLs. Now I have to create a huge flow, because of the several options in the form, with each another result.


How can we set this up in the right way in a workflow (because we can’t duplicate a path under a conditional split) and in an email? 

I like to hear from you!


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How you set this up is going to depend a bit on your end goal, but here are a few options. 


  1. Dynamic Content

If the majority of your other content is the same and you just want to show different PDF links you can use dynamic content instead of a completely separate email. 


You would essentially create a block for each PDF link and then use conditions to determine who should see what based on the profile properties that are being added to the subscriber through your form. Here is the documentation on how to do that. 


The reason I say “if the rest of the content is the same” is because the dynamic content will increase the size of your email which might cause it to get clipped in gmail. 


  1. Separate Flows

If you want to send a completely different email or series of emails based on their answers, you might want to set up separate flows to make it easier to manage. 


Trigger your flow by being added to the list and then use a conditional split so anyone who doesn’t have the specific profile property is removed from the flow. 




Let’s say you just want the first email to be different but the rest are the same for everyone. 

  • Create separate flows for each PDF delivery. 
  • Add a profile property at the end of the flow (ex. for welcome series)
  • Use that profile property to create a segment
  • Trigger a separate welcome flow from that segment

If you need some content to be different in that separate welcome flow you can use dynamic content as mentioned above.