From email not changing in campaigns

  • 30 November 2020
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My domain contains the word CBD so this make emails go to spam.

To avoid this I change the “from email” from this: to this but adding the other email to reply as because I understood that is hidden.

I changed the email in the campaign setup but after sending it when I receive the email, the from email is the one that should be hidden so emails go to spam.


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2 replies

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Hi @juan.cortazar

Just to add to @k.mcevoy’s point, here’s some more details on what a Dedicated Sending Domain is, how to verify a domain, and why it’s better to have just one dedicated sending domain to maintain good deliverability compliance

Hope this is helpful! 

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Hi Juan, 


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Spam filters should not be catching your emails simply because they contain the word “CBD”. That being said, we can run into deliverability issues with two different domains in the same email header. More information on that here. I recommend keeping the email address with “CBD” in the domain for both the reply to and from address to avoid alignment issues with inboxes.