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  • 9 June 2022
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Hey everyone,


Was wondering if there's a way to integrate with Google so we can create a trigger for when someone leaves us a review on my client's Google page?


Best answer by Dana M 9 June 2022, 10:39

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I’ve done something like this using Zapier.

You can’t retrieve user email from a google review that’s probably why klaviyo is not making this integration.

However with zapier :

  • I grab the name of the user that left a review 
  • then I look it up on shopify wich allows me to get the email of the person ( if they’re a customer or subscribed to the newsletter only )
  • Then I send the email through Gmail ( but you can also add it to any klaviyo flow list or segment and klaviyo will take it from there )


Hope that helps :)