Gradually sending emails over several hours for A/B test

  • 19 November 2021
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Recently did an A/B test for an email and didn’t have the option of gradually sending emails. Setup the test two different ways:

  • Even split (50/50)
  • Split 49.5/49.5 and remainder going to winner

Was only able to choose a specific send time. Is there anyway to throttle the deployment?


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Hey there @vylla001!

Welcome to the community! Thanks for posting here regarding an A/B test strategy and glad to hear you’re utilizing this great feature!

So for A/B Testing, there is no precise way to select multiple times for a send to begin as outlined in our documentation. However, one way to achieve this would be to use the smart send time feature. In the doc, it goes over the first step (exploratory send) which seems like it could be beneficial to you for throttling test emails.

During this phase, Klaviyo will send out an email over a 24-hour period. Customers will be randomly assigned to a time during that period. All emails will be sent in the recipient local time. For instance, if you are in Eastern Standard Time and a subscriber in Central Standard Time is assigned to receive a 10 a.m. email, they will receive it at 10 a.m. CST.

I would recommend checking out this feature, keeping in mind it requires campaigns with recipient counts of 12,000 people or greater. 


Alternatively, I think the best approach would be to split up your test list into smaller sections and select A/B test times individually per grouping. 


Hope this helped!