Historic CLV tag for an email flow

  • 31 July 2023
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I’m currently setting up a loyalty programme flow and would like to dynamically show the customer how much they have spent with us, when they reach certain triggers. 

For example, if they order 5 times they are sent an email to say thank you, you’ve spent X amount with us in total. 

We use Woocommerce and I can see this data in Klaviyo, under each customers profile, but I cannot find this in any help guides (which aren’t exactly extensive).

Does anyone know the tag I can use to place this on an email? Basically I’m after something like {{first_name|default:''|capfirst}} but for historic CLV




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Hi @PaperHighUK,

Good question, I've not used this yet but I think the best way here would be to push this as a profile propery back to klaviyo instead of the variable. Also please make sure you do exclude discounts, returns from this number. We mainly use LoyaltyLion in such cases or Reveal which is a CVO tool that helps with RFM, CLV and other things but seems like an overkill for what you're trying to do. Also with Loyalty I assume you'll want to give them back something from the moment you launch your loyalty system and not from all orders over the years. This would mean a big cost and probably less profits from previous years. Don't forget, loyalty systems also cost money.


Hope this helps!

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