How Do I Prevent Subscribers from Receiving multiple Coupons from Different Flows at the Same Time?

  • 2 February 2022
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So, I’m strategically planning some flows for a client, and these include a Welcome Series flow, a Cart Abandonment flow and an Abandoned Checkout flow.


The Welcome Series flow eventually includes a coupon, the Cart Abandonment flow eventually includes a coupon and the Abandoned Checkout flow also eventually includes a coupon.


My issue is that two of the three flows could potentially conflict with each other and offer a subscriber two separate coupons. 


As the Cart Abandonment and Abandoned Checkout flows are flows only subscribed members will enter, how do I prevent subscribers from getting two separate coupons (from the Welcome Series flow and either of the Cart and Checkout flows)?




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Hi @eCommetry


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Would love to help! 


Can definitely see why you’d want to avoid this from happening. It should be noted that if by, Cart Abandonment flow, where the trigger is ‘Added to Cart’ but has not started checkout, we refer to that in Klaviyo as a Browse Abandonment Flow. Want to limit any confusion that might occur there! Now, in order to prevent a user from potentially triggering both flows and receiving two discounts at the same time, I would recommend you add Flow Filters to both Browse Abandonment and Abandon Cart Flows. Flow filters are useful when you'd like to target specific subscriber behaviors or attributes. Flow filters operate at the profile level, meaning they will evaluate whether or not someone qualifies based on properties about them or actions they have previously taken. 


Your Flow Filters could be set with the condition: What Someone Has or Hasn’t Done > Placed Order > Where Discount Code contains _____(your welcome flow discount name). However, this filter condition will only work if you coupon is static.  If your coupon in your Welcome Flow is unique/dynamic,  you could instead create the Filter: What Someone Has Done (or not Done) > Received Email > Where Subject Equals ______(subject of your last welcome flow email) > In the last 7 days. You can change the amount of days to when you think is most appropriate for your client’s business, however, the goal here would be to give enough space between when the the subscriber went through the Welcome Flow and received the discount code to when they would go through either Flow and receive their respective coupons as well. 


Thanks for your participation in the Community! 


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Thanks for replying @Taylor Tarpley.


I will do what you said when I create my flows.


I’ve also figured out that simply putting expiry dates on the discount codes will allow me to maneuver my coupons in a way so they conflict with each other. If I put a 48 hour time limit for the discount code in the Welcome Series Flow (discount is in email #5), then I can make sure the discounts in the other flows don’t show up for at least 48 hours, meaning when subscriber do eventually get the other discount codes, the Welcome Series Flow code would have expired by then.