How do I split two types of customers?

  • 9 November 2022
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I want to ask a question to my customers in a flow and based off of that answer I want them to go into 2 segments. How do I do that?

It doesn’t appear I can put a form into an email.



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Hi there @Healing The Hyperbaric Way ,

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If I understand correctly, you are looking to add a button into an email that would redirect the recipients to a page with an embed sign-up form. Is that correct?

First you would need to build an embed form: Guide to Creating a Signup Form, in this case, I would suggest creating an embed form which you would then need to add to a page on your site: Guide to Where to Paste a Form's Embed Code

You would then add a button block into your email and set the URL to the URL of the page where you are displaying the signup form.

From there you could create segments based off the responses.


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Kind of, I am wanting to send an email flow that asks are you using this for home use or a medical clinic. So I create an embed form, but why would I attach it to my website? I want to filter them based off their question into 2 buckets for future emails so they are more targeted to their needs.


Thank you so much for responding!

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Hi @Healing The Hyperbaric Way ,

You can definitely collect a custom property from someone and use that property for segmentation reasons. From there you can segment your results. I recommend this article to learn about the setup.