How Does Klaviyo use email marketing to nurture and understand customer relationships?

  • 9 February 2022
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We are a niche publisher based in the Boston area that has an eCommerce site as well as other content sites. Our bread and butter is our content; paid subscription. We currently use Active Campaign, but are considering migrating to Klaviyo, but it appears a bit light on the email marketing side. No one can dispute Klaviyo’s powerful ecommerce integration but I don’t want to lose out on the nurturing (beyond onboarding), lead scoring etc. Understanding the full picture of our customer is paramount. For instance, have they visited our content sites and made a purchase on our Store etc.

I’m looking for some guidance from any folks who have faced a similar situation.

Thanks, Bev


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3 replies

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Hi @Bev O,


Content marketing is possible with Klaviyo, but we take a more custom approach to it! I wonder if some of our other users like  @Mailbox Manny, @In the Inbox or @Spark Bridge Digital LLC  have any perspectives on this? 


 Alternatively, you could reach out to our support team for more direct questions and the Community is more of an inclusive space to share best practices, strategies and receive peer-to-peer support from other users in Klaviyo!


Have a great weekend!


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Hi Taylor, thanks for getting back to me. The crux is that we have content websites in addition to our eCommerce site. Therefore, we do lots of content marketing that is not product specific. We need the ability to track our customers across multiple websites. Is it possible to connect with someone at Klaviyo who can help answer my questions? 

Thanks, Bev

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Hi @Bev O


Welcome to the Community, it’s nice to meet ya! Thanks for sharing some more info about what you do and who you are! Love to see some Boston businesses in here! Would love to share some insight into how Klaviyo can help you further personalize marketing and nurture relationships with your clients. While we do have powerful ecommerce integrations, which stands us apart, email marketing is just as important to us. 


I think it’d be insightful to check out our Klaviyo homepage on exactly  all we can offer in the realm of email marketing and our Klaviyo Blog for additional resources we give to help you level up your email marketing game. But I would also love to go further in depth! 
We have in-house metrics created like, active on site, placed order, opened email, viewed product etc that are used to understand and follow each customer’s personal journey with your brand. We also have the capability to integrate with other third-party applications to add more metrics necessary for your business so you can store more customer information in Klaviyo and build off it to create more personalized experiences with your brand and own your customer data. In Klaviyo, you can create automated interactions via email or SMS when customers take certain actions like  joining a list  or  placing an order, called Flows. You can even create a more personalized experience for customers in these automated interaction as you can add evaluative steps, called conditional splits, that can give different emails to different subscribers depending on what actions they’ve taken before with you store ie. order history and site activity or  personal properties or preferences attached to their profile. We have a Klaviyo course you might be interested in that explains more on Automating the Customer Journey through Flows.


Additionally, you can add use Event Variables to Personalize Flows that will dynamically populate user information in emails to show them exactly what products they’re missing out on when they abandon their carts for example. You also have the ability to use Template Tags and Variable Syntax to allows you to dynamically populate other personal user data into emails such as their first name, birthday, favorite color or tv show when you collect this certain data from them. 


Klaviyo also utilizes Segmentation which allows you to create special groupings of people and send specific messages that pertain to and would interest that group specifically. Segments dynamically bring in users from your Klaviyo profile who meet certain criteria for the grouping - you don’t have to manually bring them all in! We also have tips and tricks on how to Run a VIP program to send exclusive content, gifts, and insight to a special group of users who meet this standard. 


Finally, here are more additonal resources of classes we offer that help Klaviyo users better understand and improve customer relationships! 


Hope this was helpful!