How to calculate average metric for open , clicked and revenue

  • 12 May 2022
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HI Team,

Not able to calculate average open, click and revenue.

I am using metric API to get metric id and the calling each api for getting open, click and revenue info 

but not able match value with dashboard.


metric api -

get all metric ids 

Click Email - PdY3iX
Opened Email - P9xMpF
Placed Order - M8inRe, QGV8bZ


for getting number of click  -

result =  "data": [
                    "date": "2022-04-03 00:00:00",
                    "values": [

How to calculate average click rate?

same of open and revenue?

And where i can get number of place order and campaigns revenue ?
 Only person count is there =   "person_count": 129722


Thank You 


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Hello @Shital Pacharne,

Thank you for sharing with the Community. 

Can you clarify if you looking to calculate average click/open rate, and revenue through API because you want to compare it to your Dashboard?

When calculating for average opens/clicks/CTR for the analytics tab of your dashboard, we don't just look at the flat count of all the opens and clicks divided by the total count of received emails on those specified days but instead we look at how many of the opens and clicks are from the emails they actually received even if those emails have been sent on other days.

For instance, let's think of a scenario where a single email was sent out on Monday to 100 people and 20 of them have opened on Monday and another 10 have opened on Tuesday. Using the numbers available from the Metrics tab would give you 20% opens on Monday whereas the opens on the next day would be 10/0 = 0%, which we don't believe gives you a more holistic and accurate representation of the actual opens and clicks from your emails. 


Klaviyo tracks open events by placing a tiny, invisible pixel image at the bottom of every email. When an email is opened by the recipient, we record this invisible pixel (web beacon) as "viewed" and mark the email as opened. This method of open tracking is the industry standard. Because of this, it is possible (in rare cases) for a recipient to click an email without opening it, if they click a link before the email loads completely. Because of this, if you're setting up a segment of customers that did not open an email, always include both open and click filters. This ensures you capture any users that were tracked clicking but not tracked opening the message.



Klaviyo tracks click activity by adding unique tracking information to each URL. This is why, when hovering over a link in a Klaviyo email, you may see the URL begin with the following:
If you see multiple opens or clicks attributed to a particular recipient, this can mean that they forwarded the email to someone else, or that they simply opened/clicked the email multiple times.

You can export your campaign data into CSV format. You can also access exports from the last 30 days by navigating to the Downloads tab from your Account Page.

  1. Click the Export Analytics button at the top of the page.
  2. Complete the wizard by selecting the following options:
    • Adjust the Time Range of the export (or select All Sent Campaigns)
    • Adjust the Tag you'd like to export (or select All Tags)
    • Choose to include all email variations in your export (your file will breakout analytics for all A/B tested campaigns by variation)
  3. Click the Export Analytics button to begin your export. The export will download in your browser once finished.