How to make the previous customer to enter the win back flow

  • 2 November 2022
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Hey, I’m trying to set up a win-back flow that allows me to include customer from both previously and now onwards. Is it possible to do so? So that when the moment the win-back flow is done setting up, it does not only send to those who will be triggered in the following days, but also those who met the triggers previously. 


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Hi @Jol 

Thanks for posting your question in the community. How you set up your winback will impact whether or not you can trigger previous and future customers into the flow. I have looked into this myself and what I learned is if you use a metric such as Placed Order as the trigger, these are date specific and users who would have been triggered into the flow had it been live, cannot be added to the flow. 

Alternatively, you could set up your winback flow using two other possible triggers - Segment Trigger or Date-Based Trigger. 

The segment-based trigger might be the easiest, but one of the biggest limitations of segment-based triggers is that users can only be triggered once. Once they’ve met the criteria of the segment and entered the flow, they will not be retriggered into the flow, if they happen to meet the segment criteria again in the future. 

While I have not done this, I do believe a data-based trigger might be a good alternative. You’d have to create a process for saving a data value as a custom profile property, and then using the data-based trigger, you can have both past and future users entered. There might be some limitations to this idea, but I think its worth looking into further … I am!

I hope this helps!

@In the Inbox