How to Send Transactional Emails to Profiles Who Unsubscribed?

  • 26 October 2022
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Hey All.


I’m running some transactional messages through Klaviyo, like “password reset” emails, yet some folks don’t receive them because they opted out of email.

Their consent status shouldn’t stop them from receiving password resent emails, so, how to I override their status so they receive the password reset flow?



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Hi all,

I should have specified: I know how to get Klaviyo flow emails marked as transactional, the documentation is always in my bookmarks, and I've been doing this for over a year. Plus, the emails are definitely marked as transactional, I can see the symbol and I have the email confirmation from Klaviyo Support.

Still, profiles are getting skipped.

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Hi @Diane


I’d recommend checking out our documentation on how to get started sending transactional emails for any help and questions you might have!



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@Diane you need to write an email to Klaviyo’s Customer Support email and ask them to mark the transactional flow and a “transactional flow”. This will allow you to send transactional emails to people who opted out.

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I built a flow with transactional emails to send login details to my customers, but those who Unsubscribed or Bounced are getting skipped.

Why? How do I avoid this?

Thank you

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Thank you!

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Hi there @Andrew.Walters ,

Thanks for sharing with the Community.

I understand you are looking to have an email marked as transactional so that all of your customers receive your important messages.
First you will create a Flow and build out the email(s) to be sent within the Flow. Once you have configured all the content in your flow, you can reach out to the Support Team and use the subject line "Transactional Email Request" so that the email(s) reach the appropriate team for review. In your message, include:

  • URL link(s) to the flow(s)
  • Flow name(s)
  • Subject line of the email(s) that are transactional

Once support verifies that your email is transactional, you will see a green badge on the email card. You will also see the transactional status enabled for a given email under the email’s settings.
Feel free to check out this help guide on Using Flows to Send Transactional Emails for more in-depth information.