If I add the email after the customer purchased does klaviyo get it?

  • 7 March 2022
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(forcing customers to check out only with email is not an option for our business)

Some checkout without email, but then in the order confirmation call we ask for it, and some give it to us, at that point we add it in shopify, does klaviyo get it anyways?


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Hi @Giovanni , 


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Do you mean that you do not require your customers to opt-in to receive marketing emails from your brand? Most checkouts always require a customer to submit an email, but might not require you to opt-in. 


Klaviyo will sync customer information sent over from Shopify so if collecting an email address is a required part of your checkout, even if they do not check the box to receive marketing, it will sync over from Shopfiy to Klaviyo. The information will create a customer profile that you can investigate that will have the attached email from checkout, along with their order information. However, by the  ‘accepts marketing’ tag that Shopify syncs over, customers who do not opt-in to marketing will have a ‘No’ by the ‘accepts marketing’ tag. However, customer who later opt-in will have a ‘Accepts Marketing = true’ tag in their profile. 


Even if customers do not opt-in to marketing - you can still use segmentation to understand your customer base. However, I’d also suggest periodically going through your profiles and creating unengaged segments and  suppressing users who aren’t subscribed in your account and haven’t interacted with your brand in a long time. This will keep you account hygienic and keep your  ‘Active Profile’ count  lower than it could be. 


Finally, I’d suggest checking out some awesome Academy classes to build on your Klaviyo Knowledge such as 


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Hi, maybe I did not explain deep enough to understand, I will explain it deeper.

In italy not everyone has an email.

We have 97% of customers paying on delivery, so phone number is super important, email is not as important to have the package delivered(and paid) and by forcing customers to check out with email we will miss sales.

Our process works like this: customer orders>we call him/her to confirm>we ship
We are now asking people that did not put their email while we call them, and if they have one, we add it to shopify.

Se we cannot force customers to checkout with email and I was wondering if our way works or does not, kindly let me know :)


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Hi @Giovanni


Thanks for the additional info, it was helpful! Didn’t know that about Italy!


The profiles will sync over from Shopify, but won’t be in a specific list, simply in the Active Profiles section. I would recommend manually upload these new emails into a Klaviyo List of your choosing. Yo can do this through the ‘Quick Add’ option  for singular emails you want to add or  uploading a .CSV file for a long list of emails. 


Hope this helps :)