Is anyone seeing higher open rates in the last few months?

  • 8 April 2022
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Currently we’re seeing an overwhelming amount of open rates for our emails. Like 50, 67, 70+ sometimes. Is it because of the recent IOS update? Anyone like me :)

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Hi @nambirajanks,

Thanks for sharing this with us.

It’s possible that at least a portion of those opens are related to Apple’s iOS 15 update to their privacy features.

We recommend checking to see how many of your current Email Opens are using Apple Mail or Safari. There’s a prebuilt template in the Reports Library called Email Opens by Email Client, which will show you this information:


The report will yield the SUM of unique Apple Mail and Mobile Safari users by default. We recommend choosing the timeframe Last Month by Entire Range, or This Year by Month if you want to track trends over time. 


You can also create a Segment to identify profiles like this: 


If you have a high percentage of users who are using Apple Mail, we recommend supplementing your Engaged Segment criteria with areas that will not be affected by the Apple changes such as clicks, purchases, and site activity—to name a few. Consider the following Engaged Segment definition for example:


If more than 45% of your opens within the last 30 days are Apple Mail and Mobile Safari users, you might also consider changing how revenue is attributed in your account here

You can switch to click-only attribution at any time, though we strongly suggest using our reporting and segmentation to confirm the effect on your account before making this change. Please note that any change you make will not be retroactive and will only apply to attribution moving forward from the time of the change.

Lastly, this blog post outlines the ways Klaviyo is trying to mitigate the overall impact of this update and provides you with ways to best accommodate.

I hope that information is helpful.