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  • 16 December 2021
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I have been facing issues with my flow, I have made a single flow for my customers. To start the flow I have selected the trigger as Metrics and Subscribed to a list and have manually uploaded the list in csv format. The email is only delivered to me and no one else on the list. How do I make sure my emails are been delivering on time to everyone on the list.

Please help! I have been struggling regarding this for almost over two weeks now.

Thank you!


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Hello @girlwithquestions,

Welcome to the Community! Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with this!

The issue here seems to be the trigger you are using and the method through how you are adding these customers to your list. As mentioned in the Understanding the Subscribed to List Metric Help Center article, a Subscribe to List metric is only recorded in several scenarios:

The Subscribed to List metric will appear when customers are added via: The Subscribed to List metric will NOT appear when customers are added via:
  • Klaviyo signup form
  • Quick Add
  • V2 List API's subscribe endpoint
  • Accepts marketing at checkout
  • V1 List API
  • CSV file
  • Copy/paste upload


As highlighted, importing contacts to a Klaviyo list via a .CSV method would not record this metric. For this reason, since your flow is set up to be triggered by this metric instead of a list, it’s expected behavior that contacts would not trigger the flow when they are added to the list via a .CSV import. Instead, I would suggest using a list trigger which would allow contacts who have been added to the list via a .CSV import to trigger the flow. 

Fun fact, a list triggered flow is also most often times referred to as a Welcome Series flow which you can also read up further one in our How to Create an Email Welcome Series Help center article.

I hope this helps!