Klaviyo isn't sending my welcome emails. Keeps bouncing

  • 19 November 2022
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I’m at my wits end here. Been trying for days to find out why my welcome emails aren’t sending. The forms pop-up, customers subscribe, their information is collected to the subscriber list, but the email won’t send.

So far:

It’s single opt-in, so that’s not the problem

The trigger is a list, now a segment, so that’s also not the problem

The trigger is filtered for anyone who subscribes to the appropriate list, so also not the problem



Best answer by Brian Turcotte 21 November 2022, 16:29

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Hi @Jody and welcome to the Community!


Firstly, would you be willing to share a screenshot of your flow? It might make it easier for myself and other Community members to point out anything glaring.


Also, you mentioned that your flow is triggered by a segment and is filtered for anyone who subscribes to the list. May I ask why it’s triggered by a segment? Since segments are dynamic and can constantly change, your flow might not collect everyone it’s intended to.

Typically, all you need for a welcome flow is to use the List trigger and select the desired list from the dropdown. The extra filter logic typically isn’t necessary, unless there is another aspect of your use case I am missing. In fact, the filter could be the source of the issue depending on how its formatted. I would primarily suggest to trigger the flow with just the simple List trigger unless there are other extenuating circumstances.


Finally, it’s always important to double-check that your flow is turned to Live by clicking on the Update Action Statuses at the top-right of the page, else the flow won’t be activated. Also, if subscribers fill out the form after the flow is turned live, they won’t be collected unless you choose to back populate the flow

I hope this helps, and here are some more Community posts regarding similar topics:

Thanks for using the Community!


- Brian