Language settings for newsletter?

  • 18 April 2021
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Currently our shopify store has 2 languages, so we have two sets of newsletter, english & spanish.


How can we add this 'condition' for email flows such as abandon cart, browse abandonment etc.?


Best answer by David To 20 April 2021, 15:57

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2 replies

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Hello @dana 

Have you already set the language settings for these language specific newsletters? If not, you can do so by navigating to each list’s “Settings” and updating them. Doing this would allow Klaviyo to automatically update a number of these list specific forms to align with those selected language settings. 


Furthermore, how are you distinguishing these customers as either English or Spanish speakers to distinguish and serve these language specific flows to them? We often times recommend using signup forms to do so to collect a custom profile property which you can apply filters to your flows to target. This strategy, along with instructions on how to update your list’s language settings can be found in the How to Customize Content Based on Language article.



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Hi David, thanks for the link. Really helpful! :)

And yes, we have different sign up forms for each language that goes to a specific list based on their language preference.
We haven’t updated the list “settings” though, so thanks for the reminder! :)