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  • 8 June 2023
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My idea is to let customers vote on different topics in my brand by email with the hope to create greater engagement. My question is whether it is possible to attach a sort of comment box in the mail where this can be done. I have already understood that this can be a little bit difficult but is thankful for ideas or other helpful inputs.




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Hi @Emil, welcome to the community!


While it’s not possible to add a comment box to an email that someone can fill out without being redirected to a survey form, it is possible to give people to option to give you feedback with one-click. 


You could leverage a great feature in Klaviyo, custom profile properties.


The simplest way to do this in the email would be to ask people a question, and then give them a few links or buttons to click with options for their answer. So it could be “yes I like this type of content” or “no I’m not interested.”


Another example could be “what kind of pet do you have” with answers of “I have a cat” or “I have a dog” or “I have a fish.”


This post here has a great video to walk you through how custom profile properties work, and lots of helpful documentation on how to implement what I just described above. 


I hope this helps!


~ Gabrielle

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