My abandoned cart flow is not working, have I done something wrong?

  • 10 February 2022
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I use woocommerce & flatsome theme, I have setup an abandoned cart flow and cannot seem to get this working.


I have read that there may be issues with having a single checkout page, which is restricted to my theme, but surely there must be a workaround?


Can anyone help


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4 replies

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Hey @saitoworks,

I have to agree with @Bobi N., this sounds more like a metric issue rather than a flow issue. 

Since it sounds like you’re using WooCommerce, I would first ensure that you’ve installed and properly set up the Klaviyo plugin as part of the WooCommerce integration. As detailed in the How to Integrate with WooCommerce Help Center article:

Klaviyo’s WooCommerce plugin allows you to add a newsletter signup form to your website, enable website activity tracking, and get data about when people start checkouts and view products so you can send out abandoned cart emails.

Without this plugin, the checkout activity would not be recorded for cookied users and therefore not record any Started Checkout events. 

In addition, if you were using a custom checkout method, I would suggest checking to see if your checkout provider has an integration with Klaviyo. If not, you’ll want to create your own custom integration in order for this third party checkout provider to send Klaviyo to record a custom Started Checkout event. I’ve mentioned this previously in a a similar Community post which I’ve included below:

I hope this helps!


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That means that metric is not working for you so it is an integration problem and not flow problem at all.. you probably set up the flow properly but since the metric is not working no one is triggering the flow.


I would suggest you talking to Klaviyo support chat or maybe write a ticket.. since you mentioned you have some custom checkout I’m not sure how much they can help but at least they can give you proper guidance on what you should do about it.

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@Bobi N. 

Hmmm it’s not no, it just says ‘no events recorded yet’ yet everything else is pulling data.


What could that mean?

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Is your Started Checkout metric working? does it record any data? Asking because from what you said I’m not sure if it is a flow problem or metric problem..