Network Error 404 when creating a Flow Conditional Split

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I can’t create a Conditional Split on the 3rd email in my flow. This error keeps popping up: Network Error. Request failed with Status code 404. 



To troubleshoot, I tried editing an existing conditional split running on another email flow, and I got the same error.



Is this a bug? Can anyone help me?


Best answer by MielBees 16 May 2023, 18:52

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Hi, I am having the same issue when I try to create a conditional split configured to “Properties about someone”.

It appears that it’s affecting at least two of us at the same time, so I’m also wondering if this is a bug?

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Hi @DavidKiern

I see that you had submitted a ticket to support and it had been escalated to our Product and Engineering team. I also saw the update the issue was resolved. @MielBees can you also confirm that this is no longer an issue for you?



@chloe.strange the issue has been resolved for me. Thanks!