New Flow Layout - Feature Request

  • 25 January 2024
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I have been using the old view/layout for flows because I could take a “whole page screenshot” and the layout would allow any tool I used to scroll and stitch the screenshots together in one file. The new layout will now scroll and so any tools I attempt to use, simply take a screenshot of what is visible on the screen. I spoke with support about this and their only suggestion was to buy a huge monitor and take a standard screenshot.

Now the the option is gone to use the old layout, my request is, give us a good option for exporting the flow map in some way. PDF, JPG...whatever it is. Just a way to use the information on the page other than scrolling all over the place.

We typically output them as PDF’s every quarter so we can review our logic, our messaging and tweak where we think we can make improvements.

3 replies

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Hey @keolalife 

I will 100% share this request with our product team! I can’t guarantee movement on this but the more customer input we have, the more they are likely to adopt these changes! If and when there is an update, I will let you all know here! Thanks again for the feedback! 

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Great idea @keolalife! I had a similar thought yesterday when auditing a Klaviyo account, would be super helpful.

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Hi @keolalife - thanks for bringing such an interesting idea to the community!


@kaila.lawrence or @stephen.trumble might be able to help you pass this feedback to the product team.